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What a Great Addition to your Home or Business a Personalized Made to Order Sign...Save 20% with discount code ( Spring15 ) when checking out. Many Styles to Choose from Carved Wooden signs, Decorative Metal, Rustic Wood, Wedding and Anniversary Signs.
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Oval Oil Rubbed Bronze

Oval Oil Rubbed Plaque Style1

Oil Rubbed Copper Plaque

Oil Rubbed Bronze Copper Sign Style 2

Personalized Bronze Copper Plaque

Oil Rubbed Bronze Copper Sign Style 3

Cast Bronze Copper Plaques

Oil Rubbed Bronze Copper Sign Style 5

Decorative Sign Hangers
Shaped Copper 3D bronze sign

Oil Rubbed Bronze Copper Sign Style 4

Decorative Sign Hangers

brass cast plaques

Oil Rubbed Bronze Copper Sign Style 6

Oil Rubbed Bronze Copper Sign Style 7

Bronze Copper Sign
Design your own personalized Oil Rubbed Bronze, Copper, Brass or Silver Nickel Sign.
Our 3D and 2D plaques have a more Aged and Weathered Cast look and fell than the traditional Solid Bronze plaques.
Made from a 3D Carved and Detailed HDU Composite Core and finished with a, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Brass, Silver Nickle or Copper Finish that is a Sprayed on Metal Finish that will not crack, chip, or peel, and is suitable for exterior as well as interior use. Once cured, The product looks and Acts like aged Metal, with all the characteristics of a cast metal piece including texture, luster, heat conductivity, and reflection.
3D Carved Relief Bronze or Copper sign plaques make great Address signs, Business signs, Memorial Plaques, Monument, Retirement,
Historical, Golf Courses, 3D Bas Relief’s and Architectural Sign Plaques.
These Oil Rubber Bronze sign are not Solid Bronze but make for a Great Alternative to the Expensive solid Bronze Plaques.
Bronze, Copper and Aluminum signs can be designed to any shape or size from your art work, Logo or design your own one of a kind sign with the design options listed with each sign style, each sign style has the option to be a oil rubbed bronze / copper with composite core or can be made from solid 2D bronze these are heavier and cost more but are solid bronze. Signs are created with raised lettering and Detailed 3D Graphics with the Flexibility to create almost any design image or shape.

To insure your sign is made exactly the way you like it, we make a Full Color Model of your sign and e-mail it to you, for your Approval this allows you to see your sign before it is carved and polished.

About our 3D Oil Rubbed Bronze, Copper, Brass and Sliver Nickel Signs or 2D Style Plaques.
3D Oil Rubbed Style signs make a Great Alternative to the Expensive solid cast Bronze Plaques. This style sign has smother edges and contoured lettering and image designs with a more aged cast metal look and feel. 3D Oil Rubbed Signs are made from a Solid 3D carved composite core with a Bronze, Copper, Brass or Silver Nickel metal applied over the 3D carving, we then apply a Hand Oil Rubbed Patina finish to the metal and Hand Polish to the desired Shine or Luster. This process in making your Custom Personalized 3D Oil Rubbed sign, Makes for a Very Durable, Attractive and Maintenance Free sign with the Flexibility to carve almost any design image or shape.

Our 2D Style Plaques have Sharper edges with the lettering, border and graphics being flat with no relief. We machine the 2D style plaque to the desired design and shape apply your choice of metal finish over the composite core apply Peril Black pebbled back ground and polish the lettering, graphics and border to a nice satin or brushed finish. This process lets us produce 2D Plaques at 40 to 50 percent less than…Solid Cast 2D Bronze Plaques.

We are so confident that you will be amazed with the quality and craftsmanship of our Oil Rubbed Bronze and Copper signs, that we offer "Risk Free" shopping! If you are not totally satisfied with your purchase, just return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Materials used for your sign. Bronze, Copper, Brass and Sliver Nickle plaques are made from some of the most durable materials available in the sign making industry. We use a combination of two materials for your sign, the first layer is Precision Board #20 ( HDU ) this carves well and is excellent for Bronze, Copper and Brass Metalized Finishes. The second layer is Medex giving the sign extra strength, weight and holds hardware well making it great for installations. We then apply a Beeswax Protective Finish and hand polish to a nice luster. upon request we can apply a clear coat over the metalized surface. With us using both of these materials for your sign it makes for a very durable sign at a lower cost than the solid Bronze style plaques. We do offer the solid bronze styles as well just keep in mind they cost about 50 percent more than the 3D Relief Styles Shown.

Thanks Dave and the LCI Signs Team.
Payment Methods

For your convenience and protection we offer a few different payment options.

1: Request a Design Draft before payment. we will create you a design and E-mail it to you for your appoval. Once you have approved your design we will send you an online invioce you can Make a Payment from.

2: Credit card Fund processing services totally free to use and you can purchase with your credit card without supplying us your credit card number. All you need for this service is an e-mail address.To make payments with

3: Phone your order to
Please allow 10 to 14 days for your wooden sign to be shipped. If you need your sign by a certain date Please let me know.

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