Custom Metal Sign Custom 3-D Sign
  • 3 Dimensional Signs
  • Machining
  • 3D - Carving / Routing
  • Metal Silhouettes
  • Engraving / Inlays
  • Banners
  • Vehicle Signs
  • Welding and Repair Services

Metal, Wood, Plastic
Fabrication & Machining

Custom Metal Gate

Products fabricated from your drawings or specifications.
  • REPAIRS - tricky one-of-a-kind restoration projects or antique reproduction, intricate architectural milling
  • PORTABLE WELDING - repairs, ornamental work, gates, entryways, railings, etc.
  • FABRICATION - prototypes, brackets, repairs, truck racks, trailers, welding aluminum, stainless

Reverse Engineering / 3D Digitizing / Scanning

Decorative Furniture and Machined Parts

Reverse engineering - producing an accurate surface model from a physical object - is a critical and often costly task . With our state-of-the-art technology, we can greatly reduce your costs in this area while at the same time increasing the accuracy of the end product. We offer 3D to solid model generation and 3D part scanning. We'll take your design from a paper rendering, model or photograph to a computerized solid model, and then to the finished piece. Scanning bed size 8.5 x 11.5 x 2.75. export file types .stl, .iges, .vrml, .dxf.

Sample Scanned or Digitized part

Wall Art scanned into Computer Image

Plasma cutting, silhouettes, brackets, parts - from your drawings or artwork. Sizes to 1/4" in thickness and sheets up to 48" x 48".

Molding Reproduction

2D, 3D Carving & Machining

LCI provides the means to engrave and route all types of materials, such as control panels, brackets, murals, address markers and decorative craft items quickly and easily, and at a lower cost to you. We can produce parts much faster and more accurately than the old method of production by hand with our CNC router. The machine has a resolution of 0.002 inches which is about 100 times the precision that can be achieved by hand. So letters and specialized shapes are far more precise than hand-cut, and any required copies are identical to the originals. We maintain the highest standards all the way from design through production and finishing. A wide range of materials including plastics, foam, wood, aluminum, and other nonferrous metals fulfill most production needs.
Carving a Cabinet Door

Powder Coating

We gladly accommodate small runs and special orders with low minimums.

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