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Operating in the small mountain community of Pine, Colorado, for nearly twenty years, the LCI team is devoted to producing fine handmade custom signs for business owners, families, and anyone with something important to say.

Pine is mostly known for our annual rhubarb festival, where for a week every year, the humble rhubarb is transformed into delectable treats reaching into every corner of the food pyramid. We like to think LCI applies the same to our business, creating inspired artwork with every slab of steel, splinter of wood that comes through our kitchen.

LCI believes that signs can and should stand for more than the mere messages they convey. Color, texture, text, and other elements of design can portray feelings, ideas, and personality. It’s with this understanding, the highest levels of professional training, and the finest equipment, that our team undertakes the creative process, arranging signage that not only conveys a clear message, but leaves witnesses with a lasting impression.

Our workflow combines customer input, professional marketing and design expertise, skilled craftsmanship and a level of pride that allows us to wrap and ship each completed piece with the utmost confidence that it will meet and exceed your expectations.