Dual Material Sign

Why have one finish when you could have two? Our Dual Material sign has a classic look that will stand out in any setting.

  • family pride weathered sign rust

    Family Pride Sign

    These semi-custom pieces are fabricated from 1.5" Redwood.  The finished sign depicts your family initial and will surely become an heirloom.  There are several options for the wooden back plate as well as finish options for the face plate.  The face is secured to the wood with forged steel nails to finish off the custom feel.
  • Dual-Finish Metal Sign

    These signs can be customized to meet your needs.  They are fabricated utilizing two pieces of 14 gauge steel, typically in contrasting finishes, that are married together with brass hardware for a classy, custom look.  One of the unique features of this product is that the sign can be made two-sided by utilizing a third piece of steel.
    In this example, the back plate is larger than the face plate, however, you could consider a smaller back plate if you are not interested in the look of the border.  Also, the back plate could be a completely different shape than the face plate.  Options abound with this type of sign.