Dual-Finish Metal Sign

Dual-Finish Metal Sign


These signs can be customized to meet your needs.  They are fabricated utilizing two pieces of 14 gauge steel, typically in contrasting finishes, that are married together with brass hardware for a classy, custom look.  One of the unique features of this product is that the sign can be made two-sided by utilizing a third piece of steel.
In this example, the back plate is larger than the face plate, however, you could consider a smaller back plate if you are not interested in the look of the border.  Also, the back plate could be a completely different shape than the face plate.  Options abound with this type of sign.
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Choose a finish that contrasts with the back plate finish to give your dual finish sign good readability.

Back Plate Finish *

Choose a finish that contrasts with the face plate finish to give your dual finish sign good readability. Finishes can be viewed from the hyperlink above.

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Please be specific. We’d love to nail your design proof on the first attempt! Imagine our brilliant designer trying to layout exactly what your vision is…or…tell us to be creative and get us the elements you would like incorporated in your sign.

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